Food & Wellness Coaching

A positive relationship with food is the foundation of any healthy diet – far more than any food pyramids or diet plans can be. When this relationship is in balance, healthy food choices become easy and dieting becomes a thing of the past. When this relationship is out of balance, food and wellness coaching can be the key to bringing it to a more health-giving place.

Sam sees clients face-to-face in the Adelaide Hills, South Australia, by appointment. For interstate, rural and international clients, she offers phone and video-link up consults. For coaching enquiries or to make an appointment, please visit her contact page.

Food & Wellness Coaching for individuals

By exploring your underlying motivators and tuning in to your relationship with food, it is possible to create food habits that are more nourishing, pleasurable, and sustainable, allowing you to achieve your health goals over the long term, without diets or deprivation.

Rather than prescribing a particular diet, Sam will support you to eat well from the foods of your choosing, so that you always eat food you love. You can read more about her food philosophy here.

Food & Wellness Coaching for parents

From the many years she has spent working with children and food, Sam has learnt that it’s possible to create an environment where children are happy and willing to try a range of different fruits and vegetables – often to the surprise of their parents. During food coaching sessions, Sam will support you to create this kind of environment in your own home, providing you with strategies to encourage fussy eaters to become more adventurous and make mealtimes more joyful and less stressful for everyone.


‘I feel so hopeful about a sustained healthy future now, since working with Sam’

‘Sam helped me to see things in a totally different way. By setting micro goals together I was able to achieve things that I previously thought were out of my reach’.

‘Sam has empathy, the ability to listen actively, is thoughtful, and able to unpack complex feelings and behaviours. 110% supportive!’

‘I wouldn’t have expected that such change could come about in such a short time…’