I went to our local farmers market on the weekend, something I love to do, especially in summer with its abundance of luscious fruits. At the moment big boxes of ripe strawberries are going out for under ten dollars, which is impossible for me to pass by. I haven’t yet mastered getting even a small harvest of strawberries from the veggie garden. From the neighbours’ cows pushing through our fence to the little hands that pluck them as soon as they start to blush, I am lucky if I get to taste one!

After we’ve eaten our fill of fresh strawberries, I chop and freeze what’s left to use in smoothies, crumbles and other kinds of strawberry yumminess.

strawberries prep

3 thoughts on “strawberries

  1. nourishfoodlife Post author

    Yes, they were delicious. And the stone fruit too…it’s so good this year – beautiful peaches, apricots, cherries. The only downside is the heat – it got to 45 degrees the other day!


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